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Cultural Global Media

Launched in 1992 as Cultural Videos and Sports Communications, Inc., the company became Cultural Global Media in 2010 to reflect its growing international footprint. Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Cultural Global Media has grown into a multi-dimensional television production company capable of producing high quality, network-level live broadcasts and taped programs virtually anywhere in the world. In recent years, CGM has produced and coordinated hundreds of live sports events on all levels throughout North America, and produced over a dozen distinct hour-long soccer feature programs. Cultural’s production experience includes a multitude of sports, concerts, and specialty programs.

For more than two decades, CGM has been involved in live productions in a variety of capacities in every corner of the U.S. and many places internationally. Cultural’s experience extends far beyond the United States, as the company has set up video productions throughout Mexico, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia. CGM successfully taps into this and many other countries’ pools of top freelancers and production truck companies. A deep and experienced list of contacts, fine-tuned for twenty years, has enabled Cultural to offer its varied list of clients quality productions at fair prices.

Few companies have been able to match Cultural’s dependability and consistency in terms of providing quality, consistent broadcasts in a wide-range of cities and countries at a extremely competitive price. It’s one reason why Cultural continues to thrive in sports and other productions after almost two decades.